Thank you all for enjoying our jam game :) Our next commercial game is coming soon to Steam!

(though we won't be adding VCRs now...)

About this game:

Created in 2 days for Global Game Jam 2020 for the theme of "Repair".

You moved into a bit of a fixer-upper, but it's nothing you can't handle!

Simple FPS controls, WASD + Mouse Move. Click to Fix!


Lucas Cardoso: The Maestro, the idea guy, the big bad numero uno.

Sienna Blumstengel: The Artist, the visionary, the house architect.

Dylan Gedig: The Accomplice, the menu orderer,  the picker-upper and dropper-offer.

Adam Caflisch: The Musician, the beeper and booper and BGM looper.


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@006 You are right



where is the vcr


The game won't open when i launch it. It just stays on the unity loading screen, can anyone help?

To be completely honest I wouldn't spend too much time trying to play our game because it was from a jam and only takes like 2 mins to "beat", but we can take a swing at it if you'd like :p

What browser/OS are you using?

I'm using to play this game if that's what you're asking.

The itch desktop app? Or are you using something like Firefox or Google Chrome to try and play?

Desktop app.

Thanks, tried it out myself and it also doesn't work for me in the app. We'll see about uploading downloadable versions as well but for now I would recommend trying a web browser like Firefox or Chrome!

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o k a y


These people should get a new house.


Very epiCC game, Very Fun. I found a cool bug, when you have to fix the VCR if you put it under you, you can fly around with it, and part of the roof had no collision, and some trees are floating lol. 

You can also make a controlled decent when standing on the edge of it.




welp i cant walk

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gg XD


Playing this with the Desktop Goose B)


vcr+me=SUPER VCR MAN,funny sh- ever,if only we can fly with the ROOF it be like a plane


i used th vcr to fly away... i legit found the edge of the map

also, is there an ending? or is it a continuous loop?


endless loop i guess.


btw i tried flying with the vcr and it works

i'm currently playing the game and flying with the vcr, this is my favourite game now, and it's an endless loop xD


I have to say, I read the comments before playing, and when I legit started flying with the VCR, I smiled an actual smile. Pretty cool, to experience what the others commented on. Consider making a game with intentional "game breaking" bugs. I don't know what's wrong with your development workflow, but I hope you never fix it XD Very cute! 

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To be honest I haven't fixed the bug because I think it's funny. It was a quick jam game that got only minorly polished for the itch release. Thanks for checking it out!

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intentional game breaking bugs







Does it ever end


I dont think so.


you can prop-fly with the vcr




put it directly underneath you for flight and temporary extra funtimes